10 Vacation Activities You’ll Never Feel Guilty About Doing

healthy-vacationEveryone seems to default to going to the beach (guilty as charged), or lounging at an all-inclusive hotel for a week, but there are plenty of other options for a healthy and fun trip, even if you end up going to an all-inclusive hotel on the beach.

WARNING: Not all of the following ideas will be applicable to a beach vacation, although many will, depending on where the beach is. Continue Reading →

What Are the Trends in Canadian Alternative Healthcare?

alternative-medicineI decided recently to look into any research that has been done on the use of alternative healthcare treatments in Canada. The only major study I found was a survey conducted in 1997 and again in 2006 by the Fraser Institute.

In 1997, 1500 people were interviewed for the study, while in the 2006 followup, 2,000 people were interviewed. The results include all sorts of interesting information organized by age, socioeconomic status, province, and more, but I’ll just mention some of the highlights. Continue Reading →

Is Rhinoplasty For You?

If you are unhappy with the way your nose looks, or you have a medical condition that makes breathing difficult, then a rhinoplasty or nose job may be something you’re thinking about. It’s definitely true that this procedure has become very popular as of late. But why? Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Nachlas of http://DrNachlas.com/Facial-Cosmetic-Surgery/minimal-downtime-facelift.cfm suspects it may be due to the onslaught of so many social media users. These days, the ‘selfie’ is very popular, and social media users are posting and tweeting millions of photos. That means millions of people could be looking at your face. This can cause a lot of self-consciousness about how your nose looks.

Regardless of why more people are undergoing the rhinoplasty procedure, it’s a fact that almost 600,000 people in the United States alone have undergone the nose job procedure in the past two years. It is also a fact that the nose job procedure is more technologically advanced and safer than ever today.

Be Aware Of The Changes Rhinoplasty Will Cause
Anyone considering getting a rhinoplasty should be aware that the appearance of your face will definitely and noticeable change. This can cause some difficulty with some patients. But proper preparation is the key, and you can prepare for these changes by speaking with your surgeon. Many surgeons can also show you how your face will look following the procedure, which can really facilitate understanding.

Common Conditions Corrected By Rhinoplasty
Sleep apnea is a condition that affects thousands of people. And it is a condition that can be corrected by rhinoplasty. Those patients diagnosed with sleep apnea that have had nose correction surgery have discovered that they can enjoy a far better sleep.

A deviated septum can make breathing difficult, as was the case with actress Jennifer Grey. And while rhinoplasty did significantly alter her appearance, her breathing was much better. Oftentimes, a patient will have to try and balance the benefits of feeling better with the fact that they will look a little bit different.

Recovery From Rhinoplasty
Usually following surgery, the patient’s nose will be covered by a tape dressing. They should expect that there will be some discoloration and swelling of the nose as well as around the eyes following surgery. But usually, these symptoms will disappear after 7 days or so.

Sound general health is usually a pre-requisite for those looking to have the rhinoplasty procedure performed. On average, this procedure can cost a patient anywhere from $5,500 to $11,000. Many surgeons offer payment plans for patients so that the cost of the procedure is easier for them to meet. Funding may also be available if the reason for wanting surgery is to correct a medical issue like a deviated septum.

The Hidden Benefits of Exercise on Your Health

Many people have heard that exercise is good for their health. That expression is so common that it at times no longer carries any meaning. Well, just to get your motivation up, the following analysis outlines some of the hidden benefits that exercise can bring to your health and overall sense of wellbeing.

Better Joint Stability
A regular exercise regime has a very good effect on your skeletal system. Specifically, your joints will be more stable since exercising them keeps them functioning at an optimum level for a lot longer than they would if you had led a more sedentary lifestyle. Exercise and say goodbye to squeaky joints!

Mood Enhancement
Life is generally very stressful and people’s nerves are always on edge. When one is involved in regular exercise, “feel good” chemicals are released into the bloodstream and they lift your mood. Regularly engaging in exercise will therefore keep depression and anxiety at bay. Those happy expressions you see on people after they exercise aren’t faked after all!

Maintaining Bone Mass
We depend on our bones to keep our body shape and structure. Bones carry the weight of our organs and protect them from exposure to any harm. Bone density is therefore a very important factor in our wellbeing and when we begin losing bone mass, our mobility becomes affected since there will be pain in the joints and fractures will reduce how well we can move.

By exercising regularly, we keep our bodies functioning well, including the absorption of minerals like calcium that are crucial to our bone health. If you want your skeletal system to have minimal challenges as you age, start exercising regularly.

Reduced Risk of Heart Disease
Heart diseases like high blood pressure are very common these days. It is common knowledge that regular exercise can stave off their onset but many people have all sorts of excuses for not getting started in the gym or jogging circuit.

When the reality of heart disease finally stares them in the face, the regrets set in and they see how ridiculous all those excuses were. Take the hint; get into regular exercise and you will increase your chances of never suffering from heart disease.

Enhanced Self Confidence
Exercise keeps you in good shape and that improved appearance makes you feel a lot better about yourself. This boost in self confidence makes all other aspects of your life a lot better. You can relate better with others at work, you can socialize better with the opposite sex, and so on.

Summing it up…
There are very many benefits of exercise and we can’t enumerate them all in a limited post like this one. According to plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Carl Campbell of http://www.CampbellPlastics.com/ says that patients who recover very well after cosmetic procedures are those patients who are in very good physical shape. That “good physical shape” is largely got from a good diet, and plenty of exercise. Is there a better way to end a discussion of how exercise can benefit you?

Facelift Procedures Give You a New Outlook on Life

If you look older than you feel, a facelift procedure may be just the thing to improve your outlook. This type of cosmetic surgery is useful if you have any of these issues:

  • Creases below your eyelids
  • Mid-face sagging
  • Displaced or fallen fat
  • Creases from the corner of your mouth to your nose

Why Choose a Facelift Procedure?
A facelift may be helpful for you if you have a loss of muscle tone that creates the look of jowls. Excess fatty deposits and loose skin under your jaw and chin may make it appear that you have a double chin, even if you are of normal weight for your size.

Some other procedures for rejuvenation that are performed along with facelifts are eyelid surgery and brow lifts.

You should be aware that facelift surgery will not stop the normal process of aging, or change the fundamentals of your appearance.

Are You a Good Candidate for a Facelift?
Facelifts are only performed through surgery. Other rejuvenation treatments that are not surgical will not give you the same results. These treatments may help in delaying the time until you do need a facelift.

Facelifts are individualized procedures, and you need to approach them only if you want the surgery done, rather than to fit an ideal image or for someone else.

You may be a good candidate for a facelift if:

  • You do not smoke
  • You are healthy overall
  • Your goals are realistic

Other procedures may be performed at the same time, to enhance your facelift. These include:

  • Re-contouring of facial structure with augmentation of soft tissue
  • Facial implants
  • Injections for wrinkle reduction
  • Resurfacing to improve the texture and tone of your skin

The Facelift Procedure
The incision your plastic surgeon uses will depend on the degree of changes you want to see. Conventional facelift incisions begin in your hairline at the temple and continue around the ear, ending at the lower scalp. Your plastic surgeon may redistribute or sculpt fat from your neck, jowls and face. You may have a repositioning of the underlying tissue. Deeper layers of muscles may be lifted, as well.

Your facial skin will be re-draped over your new contours, with the excess skin being trimmed away. Your cosmetic surgeon may use a second incision, placed under your chin, to improve a thickened appearance of your neck, if it is aged looking. Skin adhesives or sutures are used in closing the incisions.

A modified facelift procedure includes shorter temple incisions, which end within the upper lip or lower eyelids. A neck lift may be performed to correct fat accumulations, loose neck skin or sagging jowls. New Jersey’S The Glasgold Group has earned a reputation for this procedure with a shorter recovery time.

Results of a Facelift
You will experience bruising and swelling initially, but as they subside, you will see the improvements from your facelift. The final result will be a restored, rested and youthful appearance. It may help you in feeling more confidence in yourself.

A bandage may be used to gently cover your face after your facelift has been completed. This will minimize bruising and swelling. A tube is sometimes used, for draining excess fluid and blood from under your skin.

The results of your facelift will be long lasting, once the swelling subsides.

How Has Cosmetic Surgery Changed Over Time?

Plastic surgery really took off as an industry a few decades ago and since then, it has made some huge strides in tandem with the shifting interests and experiences of patients.

What changes have been registered in this now fully fledged segment of the health industry?

Certification of Practitioners.
In the beginning, plastic surgery was not carried out by surgeons that were specialized in it. Any surgeon could carry out a cosmetic procedure and that meant that the benefits that come with specialization were lost on these people.

However, plastic surgery is now carried out by specialists that have to undergo extensive training so that they are equipped with the special skills that allow them to safely operate on patients and minimize risks.

That is why people are advised to only go to board certified surgeons because that is the only way they will get competent people to deliver the service they need.

Research and Improvement of Products.
In the 90s for instance, not enough information was available about how things like breast implants affected those that got them.

As a result, when women fell ill, they simply went to court and claimed the implants had caused their illness. As a result, the industry reeled from the huge payouts court compelled them to dish out as compensation to patients.

Today, patients are tracked over long periods of time and it is now possible to predict the long term effects of using products like implants since serious research has been done about them.

Rigorous tests by authorities like the FDA have also ensured that nothing shady gets onto the market so cosmetic surgery patients are safer today than they were decades ago.

Products like breast implants have also improved massively and it is no longer possible to hear cases of implants leaking into tissues of patients.

Better Surgical Procedures.
Dr. Philip Miller, a facial plastic surgeon, says there have been huge improvements in the way procedures like this are done.

As surgeons get more experienced, they refine their technique from time to time and the result is that there are smaller incisions made and recovery time is now shorter.

Breast implants can now for instance be inserted from above the chest muscles or it can be done from below. This gives the surgeon opportunity to choose which option is better for an individual patient instead of using the same approach for all who need implants.

Final Thoughts.
Much as plastic surgery has come a long way, one should not throw all caution to the wind and just submit to any procedure that is touted as the latest “in thing”. You must still do thorough research about any procedure you are thinking of having and then select the best surgeon to do it.

A good way to remain on your guard is to know that plastic surgery is indeed surgery and all surgical procedures have risks that must be weighed before consent for the procedure to go ahead is given. Don’t give your consent on a whim!

Can Plastic Surgery Make You Live A Healthier Life?

People choose to undergo plastic surgery for all sorts of reasons. Some of them can be considered “flimsy” while others will generally be seen as justifiable.

The real question is; can plastic surgery lead one to a healthier and better quality of life? The following analysis shows why the answer to this question can be a resounding “yes”.

Psychological Benefits.
Dr. Paul Gerarchi, MD says there a very big benefit to patients when it comes to how they are psychologically affected by a cosmetic procedure such as the one on this page http://www.thefaceinstitute.com.au/surgical-procedures/rhinoplasty/.

There is a huge boost to the self-confidence of the individual and this has a snowball effect on several areas of that person’s life. They literary become new beings who are full of life. Once they are okay in their mind, even their body mirrors what they feel inside.

Physical Benefits.
Reconstructive surgery has restored the lives of so many people that were afflicted by various conditions such as extensive burns that destroyed their physical appearance.

It is very gladdening to see someone that could never smile due to “buck teeth” but once they under cosmetic surgery and the defect is corrected, they get a new lease of life.

The same is true for someone that has undergone breast reduction and for the first time, they get relief from the pain they have been suffering from due to the drag exerted by their heavy breasts.

Social and Professional Benefits.
Whether we want to admit it or not, the truth is that better looking individuals have all sorts of advantages over others.

They find it easier to get jobs. Their pay is generally higher than that of their less good-looking counterparts. Attractive people find it easier to socialize and they will be served more quickly at restaurants and other public places.

The truth is that cosmetic surgery bestows some of those benefits and that can have positive effects on the health and wellbeing of the person that has undergone that procedure.

Aren’t There Risks?
As you seek to get the benefits that come with reconstructive or cosmetic surgery, you should be well advised since there are many risks associated with those procedures that could even cost you your life.

There are many cases of botched plastic surgery that has resulted in disfigurement of patients. Others have suffered complications like paralysis, excessive bleeding, and nerve damage or tissue death.

For some, secondary surgeries were needed to repair the damage of the primary surgery and that usually costs much more than the original operation.

Wrapping it up…
Before undergoing cosmetic surgery, you should weigh the potential risks against the benefits and decide whether or not the benefits are worth taking those risks for. Each individual will have their own yardstick for making this assessment so rely on your own good judgment in making your decision.

You also need to take time to understand the surgery you would like to undergo and then get the best cosmetic surgeon to have it done. When board certified surgeons carry out your surgery, chances are very high that nothing will go wrong and you will reap the benefits you envisioned.

Can Too Much Sleep Be Detrimental To Your Health?

The world today is a high pressure world and more and more people are finding themselves cutting back on how much shut eye they get each night so that they can make ends meet.

It is therefore very common to hear calls for people to get more sleep so that they can give their well-being a boost.

How Much Sleep Is “Enough?”
There are no hard and fast rules regarding how much sleep is enough. The amount of sleep that each person needs varies from time to time depending on how active that person is, what age they are, and their state of health, and so on.

Generally speaking, it is estimated that an adult should spend about one third of their life sleeping, so that puts the norm at about 7-9 hours of sleep each day.

However, did you know that too much sleep can be bad for your health? Dr. George Moynihan of Gold Coast Plastic Surgery who carries out surgery like this among other cosmetic surgeries says they too advise against too much sleep once one has had a procedure done. The following are some of the negative effects of too much sleep.

Researchers found that people who slept for more than nine hours each night had double the chance of getting diabetes as compared to those that had less than that amount of sleep each night.

The researchers are quick to point out that sleep may not be the only factor at play here, but it may just be playing a role of bringing on the diabetes.

It has been found that those that have too much sleep, that is, more than nine hours a day, were more likely to become obese after six years as compared to those that had sleep that is within the normal range.

Did you know that having too much sleep can make you have headaches? It turns out that this is the case. Sleeping too much has an effect on neurotransmitters leading to those headaches that you feel when you oversleep over the weekend or when you are on vacation.

It has been common knowledge that those who are depressed sleep too much, but it is now clear as well that too much sleep worsens depression.

Many people who are depressed suffer from insomnia but there is a fraction that develops hypersomnia and it is the too much sleep resulting from that condition that worsens their depression.

Summing it up…
It is very possible to have too much of something good. Sleep is good, but only if it does not exceed the limits of what is normal for individuals to have.

In case you suspect that you have a tendency to sleep too much, it may be time for you to seek help so that you can forestall the complications that may result from that excessive sleep that you are having. There is always an underlying cause for that too much sleep so the sooner you have that isolated and treated, the better.

What To Do When Your Cosmetic Surgery Goes Wrong

You were elated when you discovered that undergoing that cosmetic procedure would do wonders for you looks. You had the pre-surgery consultation, fixed the appointment for the surgery, paid all the fees and did all that your surgeon asked you to do before and after the surgery. But, the results, once you recovered, left you looking worse than you were before the operation. What next?

The nightmare scenario above unfortunately plays out for thousands each year and they are at a loss as to what they can do about their situation. If your plastic surgery goes wrong, a Philadelphia plastic surgeon Dr. Lohner, who carries out cosmetic surgery procedures like you see here, advises that you consider the following options in response to your problem.

Talk To Your Plastic Surgeon.
Talking to your surgeon will help you to express what you think about the operation and give them a chance to explain why things did not go the way you expected them to, as you clearly made it known during the consultation before the surgery.

It may also be possible for the doctor to advise on the next steps that can be taken to repair what went wrong, or deal with the complication that you have.

Relax, And Think.
It is very easy to be angry that you were “fleeced” by the doctor and you can also panic thinking that your looks have been ruined forever.

Now is the time to take a deep breath, and let your mind mull over the issue. Look at it squarely from all angles so that any decisions you make will be a result of logic rather than emotion.

Secondary Surgery Is An Option.
You could also look into the possibility of waiting for a sufficient amount of time to elapse so that you can undergo another cosmetic procedure to touch up what did not go well in the first surgery.

If the talk with your surgeon showed that this is a way out, don’t dismiss it but instead prepare for it financially as well as in terms of the time you will need to recover once it is done.

You should also look into the possibility of getting another surgeon to do the secondary procedure.

Inform The Medical Board.
Some botched procedures are a result of malpractice or professional negligence and such matters should be brought to the attention of the relevant authorities so that it can be decided what remedies are available to you. Action can also be taken against errant surgeons to protect other patients from suffering the same fate.

Legal action may also be an option after you have notified the medical board so look into it as well so that you can be compensated for being taken through that nightmare.

Wrapping it up…
When plastic surgery goes wrong, things can get very nasty to the extent of costing some people their lives. It is important that you think hard before undergoing a procedure and you should take time to select the best professionals to do the surgery. Prevention of botched surgeries is better than taking action after the fact.

Living a Healthier Life after Breast Cancer

Every woman has her own personal reasons for choosing breast augmentation. It may be a simple boost to her self-esteem. Alternately, it may repair asymmetrical breast size or serve as part of reconstruction after mastectomies for cancer.

Breast Augmentation – What to Expect
You should always discuss your ultimate goals with your plastic surgeon. In this way, you will understand what your realistic expectations should be. The procedure can be done as an outpatient in a hospital facility or in a surgical center. You usually will be allowed to return home the same day. In some rare cases, you may need to stay in the hospital after surgery.

In most cases, general anesthesia is used for this procedure. In a few cases, it may be done under local anesthesia. In these cases, you remain awake and the breast area will be numbed..

During Your Procedure
Your surgeon will make an incision, and separate breast tissue from connective tissues and muscle in your chest. In the created pockets, your implants will be placed. They are centered behind the nipples, so that they will appear more natural. After the implants are in their proper places, sutures will close the incisions and you will be bandaged.

After Your Procedure
Swelling and soreness are usually experienced for several weeks following your surgery. Some bruising is also possible. Over time, your scars will fade, even though they will never fully disappear, according to Dr. Steinbrech, a plastic surgeon at http://www.drsteinbrech.com/breast_augmentation.html.

While you are healing, you may wish to wear a sports bra or compression bandage, to offer your breasts extra support. Use of these pieces of clothing will also help in the proper positioning of your breast implants. Your plastic surgeon may prescribe pain medication. If the pain is not moderate to severe, you can usually use over the counter pain medications.

Returning to Your Activities
Follow all of your surgeon’s instructions regarding your return to your normal activities. If your job is not physically demanding, you may return to work in several days. Avoid any strenuous activities that could raise your blood pressure or pulse for two weeks or more. As you heal, your breasts will be more sensitive to jarring movement or physical contact.

If your surgeon utilized sutures that were not re-absorbable, or if you had drainage tubes placed, he will remove them during a follow-up appointment.

If you run a fever or notice redness or excess warmth in your breasts, contact your surgeon. This may be an infection. Chest pain and shortness of breath are also reasons to contact your surgeon. Be sure to remain optimistic, but realistic in your expectations.

Breast augmentation may change the shape of the breasts, as well as their size. It has the potential to improve your self-esteem and body image. Don’t expect perfection.

Your breasts will age as normal, even after your augmentation. Any weight loss or weight gain can change the look of your breasts. If you are dissatisfied with your appearance, you may ask for a revision surgery to correct any issues you have.

Healthy Living Now Can Mean Higher Quality Of Life In the Future

If you are you overweight or have some part of your body that you just aren’t happy with, you are not alone. Millions of people feel the same way about their bodies. But many will choose not to do anything about it. The fact of the matter is anything that is a weight or body issue now can become far more significant in the future. But this doesn’t have to be the case when you know the simple steps to healthier living.

Eating Well
Keeping an eye on your diet is at the top of the list of things you can do to live a healthier life. Each life stage requires a different set of nutrients. However, the basics of healthy eating remain the same. Experts advise eating three meals daily, and remind that dinner isn’t the only meal that can be the largest of the day.

Most of your food consumption should be low or fat-free milk products, vegetables, whole grains and fruits. Where meat is concerned, leaner is better. Sodium and fat are two ingredients that should be avoided as much as possible. Doing this is much easier when you consult the labels on the food you purchase.

How much food you put on your plate when you eat is also significant. While it may be tempting to pile your plate with food, eating smaller portions and stopping when your hunger has been satisfied will do your body a lot of good.

Sugar is a popular ingredient in many foods, and so consulting the labels of the foods you buy for sugar content is also a good idea, as is keeping in mind which products contain the most sugar, such as soft drinks.

While this may elicit a collective groan, exercising not only can help you lose weight, but it can also help you to look and feel younger. Regular exercise is the key, as is starting small. Listen to your body, and stop your exercise session when your body is telling you to. Gradually increasing the length and intensity of your exercise sessions will benefit you much more than overdoing it.

The Unexpected Risk of Neglecting Your Health
Did you know that the condition of a patient’s health can render them ineligible for certain types of surgery? For example, certain types of cosmetic surgery require the patient to be in good physical health. Dr. Rami K. Batniji, MD FACS of http://www.drbatniji.com/facelift/ is just one of many cosmetic surgeons who advocate staying healthy. “A healthy patient recovers more quickly from surgery and can experience less pain following a procedure,” Batniji says.

As well, investing in a healthy lifestyle now can ensure that should you need medical care in the future, there will be no question about the amount, type and length of care that you can receive. This makes it far easier for health care professionals to assess your condition and treat it effectively.

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle Following Breast Augmentation Surgery

Many women have invested in breast augmentation surgery with the goal of improving their confidence level and ultimately, their quality of life. This surgery has serviced to allow women more freedom to explore their opportunities, whether it is a new career or a new wardrobe. The confidence radiated by breast augmentation patients is both unmistakable and almost palpable.

However, many women after having undergone breast augmentation surgery wonder whether or not they can continue with their active lifestyle. Many women mistakenly assume that they will no longer be able to be as active as they were before the surgery. But this couldn’t be further from the truth; with the proper planning, any woman can continue their healthy lifestyle to achieve the look they desire.

Discovering the Most Beneficial Activities
Professionals like Dr. Robert Kessler of http://www.DrRobKessler.com/Pages.aspx/Breast-Augmentation highly recommend consulting with their surgeon regarding which physical activities are most appropriate in the weeks following breast augmentation surgery. A surgeon can also provide guidance about which specific exercises may be the most beneficial.

Most breast augmentation patients will benefit from reduced physical activity for several days following surgery. This will mean no physical work and no lifting. The majority of women are able to return to work one week after surgery has been performed. Following this, it is recommended that no heavy lifting or vigorous exercise be performed for a minimum of 2 weeks.

Getting Back Into the Routine
One way for women to get back into their fitness routine following breast augmentation surgery is to walk. Short walks are the key, as well as limiting arm movement. The time taken in walks can be increased gradually.

Down the road, engaging in golf or tennis can offer many benefits. Both of these sports allow for exercise to occur without placing additional stress on the chest. As well, they are relatively low-impact forms of exercise.

The best physical fitness routine following breast augmentation surgery is one gradually increases in intensity over a four week period.

How Breast Surgery Affects Exercise
The majority of women will likely not see much of a difference to their normal exercise routine following surgery. However, others may notice small differences in balance. Runners, for example may notice these changes more than others. But usually, they can become accustomed to the changes over time.

Those who swim have noticed that the change in things like resistance and buoyancy do take time to get used to, with some reporting slight pace reduction.

Women who box may experience the most change of all. Women with breast implants are prohibited from competitive boxing by the International Boxing Association.

While most women will find that their physical activity is largely not affected following surgery, it can help to get advice from professionals. Contacting a surgeon for a free consultation is the best way to get your questions answered. Peace of mind can help to further increase the enjoyment of your new silhouette, as well as help you move confidently into this new phase of your life.

Exercises That Can Enhance Your Breasts, Naturally

When people think of breast enhancement, their mind automatically goes to surgical methods of doing it. Before you go the surgical route, there are other options that you can try, such as exercises. The following are some of the easy exercises that you can do at home for a firmer bust.

Work On Your Posture.
This one is so obvious that it gets completely neglected when ladies want to enhance their breasts. Its simplicity should not have you fooled too; it works!

All you need to do is to take a deep breath, straighten your spine and walk with your head up. This will have a positive effect on your confidence and others will see you as being more attractive than the average woman.

The Good Old Push-Ups.
This requires you to lie down on your stomach and then with your ankles crossed, you go ahead to do several push-ups without allowing your stomach to touch the floor. When doing this exercise, your knees will be the point of contact with the floor, rather than the feet so take note of this modification.

You can do as many as your strength level can allow you, and then keep increasing the repetitions as your strength level goes up.

If you for example start with ten, by the end of the second week you should aim for almost double that number so that your bust, as well as the entire muscle group benefits from the exercise.

Breast Presses.
These are also very good and will have your breasts looking very firm and younger within a much shorter time than you would imagine possible.While seated on a chair with your spine straight, grab some weights in your arms. The weights can for instance be 51Ibs each.

When the weights are in your arms, relax them at your side and then lift them by simply bending the elbows until they are at an angle of 90 degrees. When the arms get to the height of the shoulders, halt their movement at that point for about 4 seconds, and then repeat the exercise until you have made 10 reps.

Once the set of 10 is done, get up and do some stretching exercises and then get back on your seat for another go at the presses. Do as many reps as you can then call it a day.

Summing it up…
The beauty of using exercise to enhance your breasts is that your overall fitness level will go up, not just your chest area. However, as Dr. Andrea Basile in Naples says, not all will want to go the exercise way and many will want breast augmentation surgery like this to be done in order to enhance their breasts.

For such people, it is advisable that they look for a board certified surgeon after learning all they can about the options available to them. By the time a surgeon is found, it will be safe since you will have done your homework well. Try the above exercises first!

How Busy People Can Keep Their Body Fit and Healthy

The number of obese people is continuously increasing. There are several reasons for these and one of them is a busy lifestyle. Because of this, they don’t have time to take care of themselves properly. If you’re one of these people, there are things that you can do to keep your body fit and healthy. Aside from looking good, the health benefits that you can get are phenomenal. You’ll be strongers, lighter, you’ll feel happier and you’ll enjoy living a long life. Here are the things that you can do.

Have 30 Minutes of Exercise Atleast 4 Times a Week

Even if you’re the busiest person in the planet, you would still be able to squeeze this in your schedule if you really want to. Wake up a bit early so you can walk or jog around the neighborhood or at the local park before you go to work. This is a great way to start the day since this will keep you energized the whole day.

Don’t sit the whole day in the office. Do some stretching every now and then. Take advantage of your breaks as well. Don’t just stay in your cubicle. Go out, walk a little and breathe some fresh air.

Prepare Quick Healthy Meal

Head to the grocery store or supermarket at least once a week so you can pick the items you need to prepare your meals. Fast foods wouldn’t do you good as they would just build up fats in your system. There are several healthy foods that are easy to prepare like tuna sandwich and vegetable salad. You can take this to work and eat for lunch time.

There are several sites online where you can grab recipes of healthy meals that are quick and easy to prepare. If budget is not a problem, there are instant healthy meals that you can order online, though they can be a bit expensive.

Avoid eating unhealthy foods like junk foods, soda and alcoholic drinks. Sometimes, there are still stubborn fats that are hard to remove even with exercise and healthy diet. In Seattle-Tacoma, there’s this new technology called coolsculpting that eliminates fats on specific areas of the body with controlled cooling. Coolsculpting in Seattle-Tacoma is effective and safe. If you’re looking for a non-invasive treatment for stubborn fats, this is a great option for you.